The Aloha Fair 2015 is simply full of preciosities! If you haven't gone there yet I think you should as soon as possible. The event lasts until August 10th.

Some of cute items from the event:
*Romper: *ZC* Zoey's Closet - Lea romper - Hawaiian @ The Aloha Fair
*Sunglasses: Juxtapose - Aviator - Metro. There are twelve different lens scenes.  They are modify/no copy. They also have a version of these sunglasses as a gift. Check it out below. @ The Aloha Fair.

Not from Aloha Fair:
*Hair: pr!tty - Evelana - Exclusive Group Gift
*Necklace: Pure Poison - Spring Necklace. Group gift. Join group for free.
*Watch/ring previously posted here.
*Shoes: {Rowena's Designs} Lara Heels - High Slink (Color hud with 6 options) @ The Lexi Project. Posted below!
*Poses previously posted here.

Photos taken here.
(Click the pictures for a bigger view)

(back details)

The glasses below are free @ the Aloha Fair. Gift by Juxtapose.

I got to know about a really good cause that is happening in SL. The items below are by Rowena's Designs for The Lexi Project. They are only available at the Lexi Project, and 100% of the profits go to Lexi Zelin to help her in her fight against cancer.
So here it goes some information about the project that was posted in the press release notecard, let's help:

"The Lexi Project, a collaborative fund raiser event founded by Toxxic Rhiannyr & Heather Smithson, created to bring SecondLife brands together in hopes to raise money for one of our own, Lexi Zelin / AngelRed Couture. As many have probably by now heard, Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to assist in paying her medical bills/expenses as she is unable to work. Lexi is only 28 years old, mother of one beautiful little girl and plays an important role within SecondLife by creating high quality, full permission mesh apparel, paving the way for many people in the virtual world to have the freedom of opening a store."

"If you are interested in how to donate, there are many options available to you. Lexi has started a Gofundme account page, she is accepting direct Linden donations to her main account and has also made a donation kiosk that can be rezzed inworld. To obtain the donation kiosk, you can join the AngelRed Couture Group and find a copy inside group notices. Donation kiosks will also be available at the Lexi Project."

AngelRed Couture Group:

There are approximately 350 brands from varied fields (apparel, decor, poses, skin, hair, full perm, etc.) involved in this project. 
The Lexi Project is open until August 9. For more information visit:

•The Lexi Project - Blog

•The Lexi Project - Facebook Event Page

•The Lexi Project - Flickr Pool

•List of designers participating in the project

*Dress: {Rowena's Designs} Lara Beach Dress (Color hud with 6 options/ plus Maitreya and Physique appliers)  @ The Lexi Project

*Shoes: {Rowena's Designs} Lara Heels - High Slink (Color hud with 6 options) @ The Lexi Project

Sending many good vibes and strength for you, Lexi!!! <3

I'm also wearing:
*Hair: Tukinowaguma Cindy for The Aloha Fair 2015
*Necklace: Pure Poison - Spring Necklace. Group gift. Join the group for free and get lots of other jewelry gifts.
*Poses previously posted here.
Hey everyone,
The Aloha Fair 2015 is open!!
Theme: Summer, beach, Hawaiian Fair
Date: July 27, 2015 - August 10, 2015

Nice and exclusive stuff, gifts, gachas, discount sale prices and tons more. You also have to check out the beautiful sim!
I loved it!

From The Aloha Fair I'm wearing:
*Bikini/skirt - "DEW" Alani TAF Exclusive.
*Bag - i { DH } Beach Baby Summer Bag
* Sandals - Iconica - [i] Mau Loa Sandals (SLink appliers included. I do not have any flat feet, so I'm wearing only the sandals) Lower price only at the fair!!!
*Flower/hair ornament - Iconica [i] Tropical Flower Button. GIFT!
*Bikini under skirt - Like Designs Yessy SwimSuit with Jeans

 I'm also wearing (Not from The Aloha Fair):
*Necklace and earrings old gift by Dellybeams fine prim Jewelry
*Watch posted here.
*Hair: Emotions (Stephanie), Hair Fair 2015 item, now available at Emotions main store.
*Poses previously posted here.
I am bringing you some new cute little dresses by BlackRose today. They are really adorable, summery, girlie and all that good stuff. Everything is very affordable there, but two of the dresses you can get for free, one is a gift and the other is on the MM board. So pay attention to the details below and run to BlackRose!  \O/

The pictures below were taken in Venice, here.

BlackRose Halter Neck Dress Medallion Pink

BlackRose Halter Loose mini Dress Inkas

The dress below is free on the MM board outside BlackRose store. You land right in front of it!
BlackRose Halter Loose mini Dress Paisley {MM}

BlackRose Halter Loose Dress Paisley

The dress below is a gift at the store entrance.
BlackRose Halter Loose Dress Gift

I'm also wearing:
*Hair - Truth - Marina -  blondes. Available at the discount room L$50
*Shoes - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Magic Shoes. They were available on the MM board this month. It rotates different shoes daily. This model may be up again soon.
*Bag - MM board at Vintage Touch - Bohemian Gypsy Purse
*Poses previously posted here.
Hey guys! Take a look at these cute outfits by [Powers].
*Mesh Holly Top & Skirt Striped
*Mesh Holly Top & Skirt Heart

Powers shop

*Shoes: Like Design Loli Shoes with color HUD-15 colors to customize 5 different parts of the shoes
*Bracelets: Pure Poison - Cool Unisex Bracelets. Group gift. Join the group for free
*Earrings: Pure Poison April GIFT - Pure Emerald Earrings. Join the group for free
*Hair: [e] Chantal - Essentials. Gift at the Hair Fair 2015, Redhead sim.
*Poses - FREE, previously posted here and these others also free on marketplace.

Not free:
Skin - [the Skinnery] Bella - Bare face (honey)

Here we go again! One more for the series "Pretty Freebie Look of the Week". This is the first during this current week. Let's keep our fingers crossed for more. :D

*Hair - Besom ~ Hair Fair 2015 Fun Bun Too Much Fun. Gift available at Brunette sim (Besom)
*Glasses - [UMEBOSHI] Castor glasses -Black & White- L$10 on marketplace.
*Necklace - JPK Steampunk Compass Clock Necklace. Free on marketplace.
*Ring - Vintage Touch - SL F&O group gift. Join SL F&O for free.
*Long cardigan and jeans - Serendipity outfit by GAALL. Group gift, join the group for free.
*Shoes - BM Ola Sandal. Group gift. When I joined the group it was free, now there is a L$500 fee.
*Poses -FREE on marketplace.

Picture was taken at a private sim. So no LMs. Sorry, guys!
Not free:
*Skin - [the Skinnery] Bella - Bare face (honey)

Today I would like to share with you this really cool Sim called "LEA29 Watercolors in the Rain: The SL Experience". The beautiful nature of every single thing I found there amazed me.  I will probably be taking a lot of my pictures there for a while.

The sim is based on the book "Watercolors in the Rain (The Whitechapel in Red Series book 1)", that you can find on Amazon
I had the chance to meet the author of the book, David Lavigne, inworld.  In SL he is known as Surreal Skytower.
He showed me the sim completely, and made many references to the book in every spot we visited. It is a really amazing book! I already got mine. I am almost finished with it, and loving it! 
I totally recommend you guys to read the book, and visit the sim "LEA29 Watercolors in the Rain: The SL Experience".

I'm wearing the amazing Like Design:
*Dress - Melody Dress with COLOR HUD (15 dress colors/4 belt colors/ 2 accessories colors)
*Shoes -Tied Up Heels with COLOR HUD (15 different colors to customize 6 different parts of the shoes o.O).

*Hair - .:EMO-tions:. *STEPHANIE* blonde. Hair fair 2015. You will find this store at Noirette sim.
*Bracelet was previously posted here.
*Poses - previously posted here.
I visited Unia yesterday, a cool game Sim by MadPea Productions, and I met a bunch of nice people who kindly posed with me. Thanks Surreal Skytower, Sweet Chilli, Shadowman55 and Jonathon. Oh, thanks to the police officer too...hehehe. :P
Soon, I will be posting more about these sweet people and the huge and incredible Sim they are creating. Stay tuned for more information. :D

But for now let's have a look at this cute little dress from Eluzion, it is the new Darlena. It is really very cute, isn't it? I love the color combinations in the Hud. The two I am wearing below are my top favorite, but look at the other options available, they are all really nice too. 
So, run to Eluzion now because this week the dress (with the Hud options shown below) is only L$89. 
Thanks sweet Yaline for the nice work and promo prices with every single new creation. :*


* Shoes - .: LIKE DESIGN :.   Promo Bowed Shoes. For L$ 99 only. With Hud color offering you tons of ways to customize different parts of the shoes. Super cool!
*Necklace/earrings - Pure Poison Group Gift - Leah Necklace. Join the group for free.
*Piercings - Demi's- Starshine.*Ivy Piercing L$1 on marketplace.
*Hair pic 1 - .:EMO-tions:. *  STEPHANIE  * blonde. Hair fair 2015. You will find this store at Noirette sim.
*Hair pic 2 - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Hair Fair 2015 gift. You will find this store at Brunette Sim.
*Skin - [the Skinnery] Bella - Bare face (honey)
*Nails - posted here
*Poses - IOS Amy gift, free on marketplace, here and here

One more from BlackRose. I had to have this outfit! *-*
It is called "City Outfit California (HUD)". It includes the top and the pants. This outfit comes with a hud for the pants in the colors: blue (shown below), red, white and black (shown below), and a hud for the top in the colors: black, red, pink, blue, green and white . Totally adorable!

*Shoes - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Magic Shoes. It was over the MM board this month. It can be available again any of these days. Keep checking out the store!
*Hair - [e] Kara - Essentials. Free gift at the Hair Fair 2015. Available at the Redhair Sim. It comes with a Hud for the hair and for the hair bow.
*Bracelets - check post below.
*Poses - Overlow Poses - Pack Gift 5, free on marketplace.
Sim landmark

Not free:
Skin - [the Skinnery] Bella - Bare face (honey)

Somewhere in California by BlackRose

Somewhere in California by BlackRose

What to say about this cute and lovely store?! BlackRose has a bunch of real treasures. Vasso Graves is a super lovely owner. Thanks, dear! 
I'm crazy for jackets, jackets, jackets, all cardigans, all vests, all coats...oh...did I say jackets and cardigans? :P Yeah, that is me. If you are like that too, take a look below, and you will know one of the reasons why I love BlackRose. :)
At the store entrance there are 9 gift boxes for us. Join the store group for free and never leave!!! It is a great place! This is one of the gifts, here.

BlackRose Denim Jacket Black (Colored Hud - 8 top options to choose from)
BlackRose Denim Jacket Dark Blue (Black&White HUD - 8 top options to choose from)

BlackRose Cardigan Knit Red. 
Oh...ain't nobody got money for beautiful, wonderful, and affordable cardigan??! I totally understand you, don't worry! Check the MM board outside the store, same cardigan, different top though. Previously posted here.

Also wearing:
*Pants - :.<B&T>.: Dangerous Sexy Jeans! Group gift. Join the group for free.
*Hot pants - Hawaii Breeze."F" at :.<B&T>.: camp chair. I love these shorts, there are some cool details on the pockets, it comes in a pack with a long hippy skirt, two different tops and bikini. The camptime is 60 minutes. 

*Hair - .:EMO-tions:. *  STEPHANIE  * blonde. Hair fair 2015. You will find this store at the Noirette sim. Hair Fair site for other more specific locations:

*Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins -HEATHER v2b/ I'm also wearing 7Deadly Skins Slink appliers. Get yours at: OMG - Oh my Gacha Event! - Until July 31st. Event site:
NEWS from 7 Deadly s{K}ins:
For this weekend, the Midnight Mania boards have been opened for ALL! So bring all your friends and smack these boards! (Located in the Discount building left of landing point).
Also, there are lucky chairs at the store now!! For group members and in the discount building also for NON group members.

*Skaters - Sn@tch Random Pressies. Free in one of the freebie boxes on the counter, also available in a darker color. Tip by Sweet Afterthought. This weekend the store group is free to join!!!

*Bag - Hair fair 2015 - [sYs] Gift - CABA bag. You will find this store at the Redhead Sim
*Bracelets - Pure Poison -Cool Unisex Bracelets. Group gift.
*Necklace - Pure Poison -Group Gift - Leah Necklace. Group gift.
*Earrings - Pure Poison April GIFT - Pure Emerald Earrings. Group gift.
*Watch - *+EWING+* Watch "Gold/Silver" FREE GIFT. On Marketplace
*Bracelet - Sn@tch FREE gifts (Bracelets & Stockings box on the counter)
*Nails - Pathos Hud S.Valentine Gift. Join the group for free.
*Piercings - posted below.
*Ring - posted here.
*Hair bow Sexy - Hair fair 2015 - Gift Box - :::Phoenix::: You will find this store at the Noirette Sim.
*Poses - IOS Amy gift, free on marketplace, here and here

Hellooo pretty people!
If you are into cute, romantic and adorable outfits like me, then run to [POWERS]. They have two cute dresses on sale for L$55 right now. The dress below is "Mesh Schoolgirl Outfit Brown". There are four more skirt colors available. It is totally adorable! I am not really sure for how long the sale is going to last, so you'd better run if you liked it.

Also wearing:
*Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - July/2015 group gift. Join the group now!!! Pretty soon the fee to join is going up to L$ 300.
*Hair - Truth -Damaris - The Arcade June/2105
* Glasses - [UMEBOSHI] Castor glasses -Black & White- L$10 on marketplace
*Nails - Pathos Hud S.Valentine Gift. Join the group for free.
*Stockings - Free at [ Punk JUSTUS ]. They come with a lace top and denim shorts too.
*Piercings - Demi's- Starshine.*Ivy Piercing L$1 on marketplace.

*****P.S: Yeah, as you can see I've been to the hair fair, and I'm still in shocked with the great gifts I got there. I'm posting them pretty soon! I loved Lamb room at the fair, this was where I took this picture. I could not resist it. *-*

Wow...the designers have been so incredibly generous this week with our gifts. Here it goes one more, because it is just too pretty and too freebie, that I could not let it go without a little post for you, guys. Look at the back details of this dress!! *-* *

*Dress - Patulas House Cian-Emerald colors Melani Dress. Group gift. Join the group for free.
*Skin - [ESODE]Ashley Skin Group Gift Skin! Dove Tone: Golden Vine. It comes with freckles, teeth, and lipsticks tattoo. Join the group for free. Thanks Sweet Afterthought for telling me. :*
*Shape - [ESODE] Group Gift Nadine Shape. 
*Shoes - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Maze Shoes. MM board. Stunning shoes over the boards in the store. Go check them out!
*Hair - Truth. Subscribers' gift. (first and second pictures) / Third picture is a Truth hair from the Arcade June/2015.
*Accessories - click on the posts (bracelet and ringpiercingswatch)
*Necklace - Pure Poison - Gabrielle Jewelry Set. Group Gift. Join the group for free. They currently have over 15 jewelry sets in store. Go check them out!
*Pose - IOS Amy Poses Gift, free on marketplace

Because we are so lucky one more "Pretty Freebie Look" this week for you guys!

*Hair is again Analog Dog hair freeball, it is so cute!
*Jeans and black/golden jacket is a SL Free & Offers group gift at Legendaire. They are
great! There is a color HUD with two more colors: blue and red.
*Skin - [Hush] Ella - Makeup1, wearing skin 04. Join the group for free.
*Accessories - click on the posts (necklace and glassesbracelet and ringpiercingswatch)
*Tattoo - Group gift at Gimme Gacha. Join the group for free!
*Shoes - **SD**Slink (high) Kicki Pump Black Heels BSM. Group gift for SL Free & Offers members! Go to the store and activate your tag.
*Scooter - Shop Charm lucky board. This is really cool, you can actually add it to you and take a ride on it :P
Pose on the second picture - Overlow Poses - Pack Gift 4. Free on marketplace
Overlow currently has five freebie poses pack on marketplace, here. Thanks Sweet Afterthought for letting me know. :)

Dear readers/freebie fans,
I would like to take a moment to thank you all readers for continuously reading my blog, it has been growing kind of fast, and I'm happy about it. So, a lot has happened since I created the blog, lots of cool partnerships with amazing designers have enriched the content of my posts recently, but it does not mean I will abandon my dear freebie stuff. Having this in mind I will try to create some entirely freebie looks weekly, I'm not sure yet if two or three a week (or even more), it will depend on the quality of the gifts/freebies in general. Besides that, in every single post I am trying to include some freebie items as well.
So thanks again, and stick around because it is just going to get more fun! :D

I would like to thank Ruby, who gave me Slink hands and feet when I was totally lost without understanding why some of my freebie shoes would not fit me at all...LOL. You were such a sweetheart, Ruby! Thanks for your generosity. I had no idea at that time this stuff costs a lot of money.

Here it goes the "Pretty Freebie Look of the Week":

Skin - Essences Teal *The Gacha Garden Gift* pale02 /black. Join the group for free.
Top and jeans  - free at TaInTeD ReBeL
Love transparent top - Freebie, L$5 at Eluzion. Another one is also available in store for L$2, previously posted, here.
Hair - Analog Dog hair freeball
Tatoo - free at TaInTeD ReBeL
Accessories - click on the posts (necklace, bracelet and ring, piercings)
Eyes and lashes - inside this skin pack posted here
Moles - posted here
Shoes - !APHORISM! Ltd Ed Leather Ankle Boots Group Gift. Join the group for free.

Pretty Freebie Look of the Week!

Pretty Freebie Look of the Week

Pretty Freebie Look of the Week!

Pretty Freebie Look of the Week!

Cali dress is the new release at Like Design. It is available in 6 different colors: black, red, violet, green, grey and blue.
The dress inspired me to go to Beverly Hills for some pictures. :)

Other items:
Hairs - Analog Dog freeball
             Truth - subscribe July gift

Accessories - Freebies posted here and here. :)

Tattoo - Free at TaInTeD ReBeL

Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - elske apricot. I'm also wearing 7Deadly Skins SLink appliers in the black dress pictures.

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