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What to say about this cute and lovely store?! BlackRose has a bunch of real treasures. Vasso Graves is a super lovely owner. Thanks, dear! 
I'm crazy for jackets, jackets, jackets, all cardigans, all vests, all coats...oh...did I say jackets and cardigans? :P Yeah, that is me. If you are like that too, take a look below, and you will know one of the reasons why I love BlackRose. :)
At the store entrance there are 9 gift boxes for us. Join the store group for free and never leave!!! It is a great place! This is one of the gifts, here.

BlackRose Denim Jacket Black (Colored Hud - 8 top options to choose from)
BlackRose Denim Jacket Dark Blue (Black&White HUD - 8 top options to choose from)

BlackRose Cardigan Knit Red. 
Oh...ain't nobody got money for beautiful, wonderful, and affordable cardigan??! I totally understand you, don't worry! Check the MM board outside the store, same cardigan, different top though. Previously posted here.

Also wearing:
*Pants - :.<B&T>.: Dangerous Sexy Jeans! Group gift. Join the group for free.
*Hot pants - Hawaii Breeze."F" at :.<B&T>.: camp chair. I love these shorts, there are some cool details on the pockets, it comes in a pack with a long hippy skirt, two different tops and bikini. The camptime is 60 minutes. 

*Hair - .:EMO-tions:. *  STEPHANIE  * blonde. Hair fair 2015. You will find this store at the Noirette sim. Hair Fair site for other more specific locations:

*Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins -HEATHER v2b/ I'm also wearing 7Deadly Skins Slink appliers. Get yours at: OMG - Oh my Gacha Event! - Until July 31st. Event site:
NEWS from 7 Deadly s{K}ins:
For this weekend, the Midnight Mania boards have been opened for ALL! So bring all your friends and smack these boards! (Located in the Discount building left of landing point).
Also, there are lucky chairs at the store now!! For group members and in the discount building also for NON group members.

*Skaters - Sn@tch Random Pressies. Free in one of the freebie boxes on the counter, also available in a darker color. Tip by Sweet Afterthought. This weekend the store group is free to join!!!

*Bag - Hair fair 2015 - [sYs] Gift - CABA bag. You will find this store at the Redhead Sim
*Bracelets - Pure Poison -Cool Unisex Bracelets. Group gift.
*Necklace - Pure Poison -Group Gift - Leah Necklace. Group gift.
*Earrings - Pure Poison April GIFT - Pure Emerald Earrings. Group gift.
*Watch - *+EWING+* Watch "Gold/Silver" FREE GIFT. On Marketplace
*Bracelet - Sn@tch FREE gifts (Bracelets & Stockings box on the counter)
*Nails - Pathos Hud S.Valentine Gift. Join the group for free.
*Piercings - posted below.
*Ring - posted here.
*Hair bow Sexy - Hair fair 2015 - Gift Box - :::Phoenix::: You will find this store at the Noirette Sim.
*Poses - IOS Amy gift, free on marketplace, here and here

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