To The Cuties Out There!

by - 7:16 PM

This sweater is so cute!! *-* At first when I saw it on marketplace I thought it would not fit me, but you might face a minor problem with the bottom part of the white shirt depending on the bottom you choose to wear, of course. Well, it is beautiful, for free here:

Skirt - Subscriber gift/July 2015 at [I<3F]. It comes with a color/pattern change HUD. It is lovely! Ten options to choose from.

Shoes - Basic Sneakers Black by Cay Crystal, L$10 here:

There is also a full outfit with the same sweater for free here:
Shoes.: LIKE DESIGN :. MM board, join the group for free. There are two MM boards in store, one changes every month, the other changes daily, so keep checking back if you can't find these shoes today.

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