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by - 3:28 PM

I will not ever be able to express how thankful and happy I am for being Like Design's blogger partner. I am fascinated by Deviltearz's work and generosity with customers and workers. He is such a great owner and it is a pleasure to be able to count on such a lovely team. Hugs and kisses to Like Design family. :* <3

So from now on I will be able to show you some of the amazing outfits available in store. I will be sharing with you the best of the best, the ones that take my breath away even just by looking at the vendors. :D That is going to be hard, because it is pretty much everything in the store LOL. Take a look:

Dress - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Cila Dress ( With Color HUD )
Contemplate the cuteness of this dress with me, please! *-*
It comes with a wonderful and colorful Hud, so you can change the color of the top part (15 colors), bottom part (15 colors) and belt (3 colors). It is very well made with rich details. 

Shoes - .: LIKE DESIGN :.  Amy Shoes SL free & offers gift, join this group and wear the tag to get this gift.

Sunglasses (+necklace) - Lucky board at Shop Charm

A little reminder, I highly recommend you to visit the Like Design store if you haven't yet to check out the six great lucky boards, two MM boards, one changes daily, the other monthly, a store gift, and the special gift for SL free & offers group. Thanks a zillion, DevilTearz! :*

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