A Night at the Bar

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I got some affordable items together in these pictures. Shey has lots of gifts in store, you can join the group for free and find the gifts inside a building that says "Shey Days", look for it when you land there. The hair is also a bargain from a Reign gacha. And for you blogger friend, or simply someone who just loves to take pictures, you need to go to Kirin Poses and grab all their gifts, there are about three poses packs in the total.

Dress - Entice - Sultans of Swing Dress - Floral
             Entice - Sultans of Swing Dress - Berry
Hair /hat - REIGN - MONTGOMERY HAIR- #1 RARE, gacha in store.
Shoes - Entice - Crash My Party Heels - SH/M/B - Brights
Handbag - Shey - Winchester Handbag. Group Gift.
Bracelet - Shey Jewelery Pack October group gift, and many other gifts in store!
Pose - Kirin Poses - Gift
Skin/mesh head - posted here.
Pictures were taken here.

Entice 2
Entice + Shey

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