Hard Candy (free and freebie items!)

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Hair - (Chemistry) Hair - Steffi - HUD.1
Jacket - *_M.birdie Story_* school gym suit set_F-Top2_3 M. Gacha. Check main store and this markeplace page for more gachas from M.Birdie
Pants - Blueberry - Sylvia - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Red
Shoes - [ VERSOV ] JUMPOV Sneakers_Peru & Black @ TMD 

Sunglasses - TBF The Destructinator - Aviator Sunglasses on marketplace, ONLY 10L!!!
Backpack - `M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.backpack B7. Gacha at the main store. You can also find lots of this backpack gacha on marketplace.
Bracelet and earrings - previously blogged here
Earphones - previously blogged here
Bubble gum - GUM for pics // MUSCHI on marketplace FREE!!!

Mesh head - previously blogged here
POSE - {Imeka} Nina - Pose Pack
             BELLE EPOQUE - Are we different

The pictures were taken here

Hard Candy
Hard Candy
Hard Candy

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