This dress is a gift at BlackRose Fashion. Join the group for free and grab it on a shelf at the store entrance.
I always love BlackRose gifts, Vasso Graves is so generous to us, thanks a lot! *-*

This blue cardigan with the white T-shirt is a gift from Gabriel at :::Dance Bar Ocean:::, there are eleven gifts at that location. Join the group for free to get them.
I believe this cardigan is for boys mainly, but I'm wearing the size XXS and it looks like this, I'm pretty happy with the look. :) Very good quality cardigan!

Look what I got at Envious' lucky chair. This complete outfit, apart from the necklaces and shoes! Wear the group tag, you can join the group for free.
This jacket is really pretty! You can also wear it as a vest.
I love vests and jackets!!! *-*

This cute outfit is a gift at Eluzion. Join the group for free.

This is the best freebie top ever. Go now to Eluzion and get it while it is still there, it costs L$ 2. The lace, the polka dots, the word "cute" everything single detail about this cropped top enchants me. Thanks a lot, Yaline Sewell! :)

The skirt is available at ECRU MM board.

The yummy chocolate bar with pose is a group gift at Frozen. Join the group for free!

Pretty shoes from .: LIKE DESIGN :. previously posted.

Pretty dress as a group gift at  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS\m/
Join group for free!

I am crazy about polka dots everything, so you can imagine how happy I got when I saw the new
.:f etiche petite:. July group gift. *-*. It is just adorable!

Skin is available on lucky chairs at .::WoW Skins::.

The shoes are so wonderful, that I do not need to mention where they come from, of course the only and amazing .: LIKE DESIGN :. . Grab these "Looped Shoes" at the store entrance with "SL Free & offers" group tag on.
By the way, the  luck boards at .: LIKE DESIGN :. are changing soon, in July. As always every single month. Let's keep our fingers crossed an slap those boards once again, girls!!! :P

::Purple Candy:: has tons of gifts, join the group for free and enjoy them! :)
Some of the things I got there:

The purple outfit you can get by playing a memory game on the second floor. Super easy! :)
I'm mesmerized by these pants, they are a gift from ::K:: store. Run over there to get them!!! You need to join the group for free.
Thanks Kitt Ragu for your generosity! :)
Boys go over there too, because there are sizes for men included! *.*

The red top is a gift part of the The Doll Drees outfit at ::Purple Candy::
You need to join the group for free. Also, lots of gifts, boards, camp for prizes, etc.

The cardigan is so awesome!! It is at BlackRose night prize board outside the store (landmark leaves you right in front of it), go to slap that board, it locks down when it reaches 50 slaps :P

It is basic and a piece of clothing that everyone has to have: a little black dress.
This lace black dress is available as a gift at Aniri's Boutique

Sexy and cute in the right measure!
Grab this lingerie at .::f  etiche petite::.

This cute green skirt is a new gift at FineRain store.
The cropped sweater was a freebie on marketplace. I can't find it again at the moment. I'm going to add it here later...sorry :/

Is your birthday soon? :)
It does not matter, you can still get this gift! :P
This cute birthday girl top and panties are available on market place for free in pink and purple.

Have a look at these pretty awesome dresses, gifts at Aura.
Run! They are what you need to enjoy even more the summer in world. :D

I still can't believe I was able to get these shoes!!!
They are so pretty and FREE!
Get them at Like Design luck boards. There are three more and a hair that I still did not manage to get. :/

This bottom and socks make part of Rebellion Outfit - gift from Daisy's Closet & Foxy 

This is Celine jumpsuit a gift from Dayse's closet
DivineHair - Group Gift

Look how cute and well made these jumper and shoes are. *-* I'm in love!!! The black necklace and bracelet are included in this wonderful gift from Ishara Shop.

The black necklace is totally amazing too, and it goes pretty well with my E C R U blue necklace (previously posted).

Hot pants and bra .::f etiche petite::. group gift in store.

Jacket makes part of the outfit **GizzA** Leather Outfits Group Gift Female. There is a lot more to grab.

Hair [Entwined] Ivy Group gift, you need to join the group for free.

I am just a newbie! Yeah, you may not believe me, but it just took me a few weeks to build who I am in world now, with lots of help of wonderful residents and groups, of course. I created my account and forgot about it for a while. It has been three weeks now that I decided to explore and finally check what I could do with my avatar. It is/was not easy! I realized that I was going to have to put money in the game to try to look a bit more presentable. I was wrong!! Not totally, but 80% wrong. :D:D
Now that I am happy with my appearance and stuff I’ve been finding, I came here to share with you my looks, and what I did to get the pieces of clothing I wear. Hopefully we will make a prettier second life together. Have fun, cute people!

There is one for men too.

These pants are so cool! HUD included.
Go grab them, I am not sure how long they will be available.
Top: hf: // Pink “Epic” Crop (not available anymore :(, they have a black and white versions which are L$11 each, if I am not mistaken.)
Necklace: E C R U: “Bohemia” Necklace & Earrings. Here:

So guys, I love beaches!
I was searching for bikinis to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in SL and I found on marketplace this treasure by Rebelle Wear. I really like this “Kialani Beach Bikini”.
It comes with a HUD and you can change colors and customize your bikini. It is L$1. Take a look:

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