Hello Second Life World!

by - 2:08 PM

I am just a newbie! Yeah, you may not believe me, but it just took me a few weeks to build who I am in world now, with lots of help of wonderful residents and groups, of course. I created my account and forgot about it for a while. It has been three weeks now that I decided to explore and finally check what I could do with my avatar. It is/was not easy! I realized that I was going to have to put money in the game to try to look a bit more presentable. I was wrong!! Not totally, but 80% wrong. :D:D
Now that I am happy with my appearance and stuff I’ve been finding, I came here to share with you my looks, and what I did to get the pieces of clothing I wear. Hopefully we will make a prettier second life together. Have fun, cute people!

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