The Aloha Fair 2015. Last days!!! RUN!!

by - 10:28 AM

The Aloha Fair 2015 is going to close its doors on August 10th. So if you have not teleported your booty there yet, please do so! :D So many nice summery items and gifts are waiting for you. 
I know that everybody else probably already posted about the following items, but they are just so adorable that I could not help posting about them too.
Soon I will be gone to the beach in RL too, so let's warm up here:

*Bikini - BELLE EPOQUE at The Aloha Fair - Naiara. Available in teal (shown below), red and blue.

*Belle Epoque gift is a surfboard with 6 poses in it. Check it out!

* Bikini/skirt - MOoH! @ The Aloha Fair - Laced bikini set Fatpack (Color Hud to change straps, beads, skirt, bikini top and bottom)

These are the exclusives for The Aloha Fair.
All exclusives are 30% off.

*Hair ornament is a gift, previously posted here.

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